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Distribution Channels

Visus Technology believes that it will distribute its Visual Assist System through two distinct channels. The primary channel would be through Verizon’s retail locations. With over 2,300 retail locations throughout the US, Verizon is well suited to provide broad access to wide range of consumers. In addition to the Verizon’s retail stores, Visus would also access Verizon’s Indirect Sales channel. While smaller in size, Verizon’s Indirect Sales channel will provide additional access to corporate users.

The second channel would be the offices of optometrists and opticians who are not associated with retailers, and low vision centers. There are at least 8,000 self-employed optometrists in the US who routinely take care of visually-impaired users and who are professionally inclined to provide beneficial options to their users. In addition, there are roughly 200 low vision centers across the US that would be well suited for distribution of the Visual Assist System.

Visus is a service-based company that offers a technology platform in conjunction with Verizon.

One desire of most blind individuals is to have an all-in-one system rather than the current custom of separate devices for each need such as:

  • Reading books; 
  • Socializing with friends;
  • Identifying unfamiliar objects; and
  • Navigation in outdoor or indoor environments.

We will launch a campaign that promotes the outcome of using this product. Which should translate to a happier, healthier and more connected and productive life for the user. We will highlight the service aspect as it relates to the visual assistive nature of the functions, a second tier support and ability to call needed support in times where it is necessary. The services that we offer will include direct connection with a virtual help desk and with an actual help desk