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Visus Technology, Inc. is the creator of the revolutionary VelaSense® suite of applications. This is a novel system designed to enhance the quality of life for people with varying levels of visual impairment.

The VelaSense® system facilitates color identification, image magnification and enhancement, and money reading.

VelaSense® is hands-free assistive technology that integrates video, motion and audio data that are gathered in the user’s environment, and then delivers the information through multi-sensory input to non-sight sensory systems, such as hearing and touch.

VelaSense® is part of an integrated technology solution, employing the use of an Android™-based phone. A small camera that’s embedded in the phone combines with state-of-the-art image processing to allow users to locate and discern text, as well as recognize objects whose images are stored in the device’s database. It also provides the ability to navigate around obstacles, and to locate street addresses.

VelaSense® functions on any Android™ operating system that is series 4.2 or higher. It integrates seamlessly with other applications, and has the potential to change the life of the user dramatically for the better.

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