Empowering the elderly, infirmed, and visually impaired to thrive at home.

Advancing Home Health and Accessibility.

We’ve thoughtfully melded advanced digital devices, with cutting edge software, AI, and data engineering, to create truly personalized, effective home care experiences for those who need help being independent at home. We’ve turned the home into a dedicated, continuously patrolled and monitored, three lane highway connecting patients, providers, and caregivers.

The Most Powerful
Health & Wellness Platform, Ever.

Intelligent three part design supercharges the most innovative technologies on the planet with the knowledge and intuition of leading experts, clinicians, evidence based medicine, and learning algorithms.

Intelligent Remote Monitoring

Advanced data engineering, machine learning, and Visus know-how are pushing the limits of A.I., creating an effective, engaging, and truly personalized, provider and patient experience.

‘The Right’ Home Health Platform.

Health happens at home, that’s why Visus has invested so much time and resources getting home care delivery and monitoring right. The Visus platform provides unmatched personalization, improved safety, and accessibility for patients and providers.

Remixing old school medicine with new school tech.

Leading care experts from across the United States are supercharging the Visus platform with experience and knowledge, pushing health technology to deliver on its promise of a healthier future for all.

Visus Is Engineering A New, Global Healthcare Ecosystem.

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